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Belhasa Grout Powder

Belhasa Grout Powder

Belhasa Tile & Marble Grout

It is high performance cement based per-mixed non-shrink grout, used for
filling joints, in wet and dry areas. Specially designed to use for ceramic wall and floor tiles.


• High stain resistant
• Excellent adhesion
• Crack free jointing 


• Specially uses for ceramic floor and wall tiles
• Interior & Exterior use

• Before grouting wait until the installation mortar of the adhesives has completely hardened. Verify that waiting time indicated on the relevant technical data sheet has elapsed 
• The joints must be clean , free of dust and racked back at least 2/3  of the tile thickness. Excess adhesives or mortar should be removed whilst sill fresh 
• Wet the joints with clean water when using very porous ceramic tile  in high temperatures and in the presence of wind 
• When mixing more than 1 container of grout at a time, blend dry  powder prior to mixing with water. Mix with a trowel or low speed mixer to a smooth stiff consistency 
• Let the mixture stand ( slake ) for 2 - 3 minutes and then remix and  use 
• Use the mixture within 2 hours of preparations

• Apply Belhasa Tile Grout with a rubber spatula into joints diagonally by filling all the gaps , make sure that the product is well compacted 
with no voids. Use the product within a maximum 45minutes (depending upon temperature) after mixing   
• Allow the grout to dry (10 -20 mins, depend upon weather condition) before starting the cleaning process, remove surplus with adamp of sponge moving diagonally to prevent removal of the grout within the joints 
• Rinse the sponge frequently using to water containers. One to remove the grout residue and other one clean the sponge
• Avoid excess of water while cleaning to prevent discoloration of the joints. When dry, polish the tiles with a clean dry cloth. Do not spray water under high pressure and avoid using any chemical cleaning agent on the grout until 7 days after the application
Belhasa Tile Grout is packed in 10 kg bags. It can be custom packaged to suit specific job requirements

Material should be stored in a dry covered area protected from elements. Unopened bags have a shelf of 12 months

Wear safety such as rubber gloves, dust mask and safety glasses used to handle conventional cement based products should be worn. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice accordingly. MSDS are available upon request

For advice on how to use Belhasa Tile grout product consult your nearest Belhasa Stones & Concrete Flooring technical office 

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