Flooring Products

Stamped Concrete | Exposed Aggregate | Micro Topping Flooring
Resing Bond Aggregate | Polished Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

It is a flooring concrete that is patterned and/or textured to resemble diffrent design on floor like brick, slate, flagstone, tile, wood, and various other patterns and textures with different types of colors.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggreggate

An exposed-aggregate concrete floor is structured by casting concrete and then removing the outer layer of cement paste to uncover aggregate. It could be in different colors as well.


Micro Topping Concrete

Micro Topping is a cement based concrete overlay product which is used for concrete surfaces.

Resin Bond

Resin Bond Aggregate

It can be overlaid on existing or new concrete or tarmac to make beautiful & attractive driveways, paths, carparks or any lightly trafficked area.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a multi-step process where a concrete floor is mechanically ground, honed and polished with bonded abrasives in order to cut a concrete floor's surface.

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