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Flooring Materials

Color Hardener/Release Agent | Micro Topping Materials
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Color Hardener/Release

Color Hardener/Release Agent

Color Hardner is ready to use, nonmetallic dry shake hardener. It is formulated to be easily integrated into the surface of freshly placed concrete. It densities the surface of the slab, increases its resistance to wear freeze and thaw cycles, heavy traffic & our Release Agent contains a specially formulated releasing agent that forms a moisture barrier between the stamping tools and wet concrete to allow the release of stamping tools. In addition, our release agent contains integrated iron oxide pigments that simultaneously provide a secondary accent color to the concrete surface. As a dry shake material, it is broadcast directly on top of concrete to be stamped. It is recommended only for stamped concrete, as opposed to stamp overlay.

Micro Topping Material

Micro Topping Materials

Micro Topping is a colored cementitious topping containing decorative aggregates such as crushed marble, glass, or silica aggregates. Micro Topping is overlayed on cementitious substrates and the aggregates are then exposed by sandblasting or washing to produce a durable and decorative surface flecked with colored aggregates. It is defined as a layer of high strength concrete placed on an old, worn out concrete surface to provide a dense, abrasion-resistant surface, to increase structural depth and strength of the base concrete.

Crack Filler

Crack Filler

Belhasa Crack Filler is a single component & polymer modified cementing repair mortar. Just mix the powder with specified amount of water and apply to the cracks or voids. White or Gray colors are availabale. Specially formulated to produce shrinkage compensating mortor giving a smooth finish with excellent adhesion and water resistance. Each bag contains 25 kg of Crack Filler.



It is thin concrete overlay product which can be used on existing or new concrete or tarmac to make beautiful & attractive driveways, paths, carparks



Sandcrete is a yellow-white building material made from a binder (typically Portland cement), sand in a ratio of circa 1:8, and water. Sometimes other ingredients may be added to reduce the amount of expensive Portland cement such as pozzolanas and rice husk ash


Super Sealer

Belhasa Sealer is a high performance Ethyl Methacrylate resin, solvent borne, floor coating providing a deep penetrating, non-yellowing, scuff resistant finish. It can be used as a binder in the manufacture of exterior masonry coatings with excellent durability. This is available as a clear or colored solution and in glossy also.



This system provides a colorful stain resistant surface that attractive & easy to clean


Belhasa Bond Crete

BondCrete is a premium quality, single component, polymer modified, cement-based slurry with excellent bonding properties. BondCrete is used as a bonding layer between old and new concrete surfaces and for bedding and bonding overlays to existing surfaces

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