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Belhasa Adhesive Glue

Adhesive Glue

Belhasa Glue is a cement powder based adhesive formulated to be mixed with water. A thick bed adhesive for bedding and fixing ceramic tiles to firm masonry surfaces.


Belhasa Grout Powder

Belhasa Tile/Marble Grout is high performance cement based per-mixed non-shrink grout, used for filling joints, in wet and dry areas. Specially designed to use for ceramic wall and floor tiles  

Belhasa Foam Fix

Belhasa Foam Fix

FoamFix is a polymer modified, fiber-reinforced, cementitious base, leveling, and adhesive compound for vertical applications. It is used as a base coat over a variety of surfaces such as concrete, plaster, block work, precast concrete, gypsum board, cement board, and wood panels in order to prepare the surface to receive a finish coat or paint.

Color Plaster

Belhasa Color Plaster

Belhasa Color Plaster is a new innovation and enables internal coloring of the cement plaster. It is made by adding our Color Dispersion Additive to cement and sand. The plaster is applied with a trowel and finished using traditional techniques. Paint primer and final two paint coats are not required. It is a factory blended, fiber reinforced, colored cement based plaster that can be applied in thicknesses of 5-20 mm. formulation is based on well graded silica sand and other additives to achieve high compressive strength and maximum performance.

Overlay 220

Overlay 220 (T20)

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