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Mr. Saif Belhasa


Saif Belhasa Holding is running over 50+ business divisions and more than 10,000 staff across various sectors. Our group portfolio consists of multiple customer and consumer facing businesses ranging from Catering to transportation, Travel & Tourism, Retail, Real Estate, Advertising, Fashion, Metal, Steel and Building Materials. With 18 years of Entrepreneurial and business expertise, Saif Ahmed Belhasa has embarked on a number of commercial ventures in the Middle East which sowed the seeds of Saif Belhasa Group of Companies. Saif Ahmed Belhasa started his career after attaining his degree in Business Management from the Al Ain University in 1988.

We have used our founder’s wealth of knowledge to build long lasting relationships with our consumers, customers and suppliers, which enabled us to develop and evolve the business interests of our member companies. At Saif Belhasa Group our greatest passion is to provide a world class standard of service to our consumers and customers. We accomplish this through our unique leadership, passion, knowledge and innovation in every sector across our group of businesses.

Saif Belhasa is a unique trademark representing not only great leadership with trust but also guiding the group synergy to become globally competitive with sustainable growth and long-term success. Saif Ahmed Belhasa the Chairman of Saif Belhasa Holding (SBH) has been awarded the prestigious CEO of Middle East in 2007 for Business expansion as Dubai’s most successful establishment.

Belhasa Stones & Concrete Flooring

As the leading manufacturer of Industrial Stone products, we produce a vast range of Industrial Stone products in our factory located in Umal Quwain and display lots of designs in our flagship show room in Sharjah.
Ever since the company established , we are committed to providing a wide range of products that are manufactured to the highest quality to suit any consumer demands, requirements and taste.



Belhasa Stones and concrete Flooring takes pride in the quality of our products, the services we provide and the integrity of our customer relationships. Our state-of-the-art technology in production ensures that every product is consistently of the highest standard, strictly quality controlled and manufactured from top quality materials. 

The Industrial Stone formula is produced using the powder of natural stones. It contains different materials and pigmentation of the highest quality, approved by the biggest known international corporations from around the world.

As a new product in the market many of our competitors manufacture industrial stones concentrating on the profits and not on the quality. Our commitment is to provide consumers with the most practical, attractive, durable and long lasting products.


“Highest quality products along with world class service at the most competitive prices in the market” is more than a slogan at Belhasa Stones; we have the facilities, capabilities and tangible resources to deliver the best solutions at the best possible price. Want proof? We have a loyal customer base with relationships that span for decades.

Our Corporate philosophy: We at Belhasa Stones strive to provide our customers with not only the highest level of quality products but also provide a world class customer service across all our business relationships.


Our principles are transparency, honesty, initiative, efficiency, commitment, passion and the great team work of our people. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt effectively to all aspects of change in business including technology, innovative design and cost effectiveness. Established in the U.A.E, we are market leaders of Industrial Stones and our mission is to remain the paramount leader in every possible aspect. We will not allow our growth and success to make us complacent. Neither would we allow failure to prevent us from continuously improving and seeking new opportunities to expand and grow.

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Industrial Area-18, Maliha Road,


Tel:        +971 6 5443336
Mobile: +971 55 532 8666
Fax:       +971 6 5443337